These are daily, weekly or monthly ‘goals’ I set for myself and the world around me. By ‘world’, I mean my immediate environment that I live in and exist in, not goals or control of another, but rather ‘goals’ enabling control of myself. This may be ‘anything and everything’.


  • Do something nice for someone
  • Do something nice for me
  • Give thanks for an opportunity or something learned
  • Drink water throughout the day even if it is flavoured – it’s ok to be obsessive about certain flavours and just as ok to suddenly change my mind because I want to
  • Listen to my body and cleanse with an early glass of water and fresh lemon
  • Listen to my spirit and take some time ‘out’ even if it is just before I sleep
  • Be bold
  • Hold and face all my fears and seek support from those close to me for them-sometimes the negative ‘jury’ in my head outweighs my positivity especially if i’m slightly ‘out of kilter’
  • Laugh and dance a step or two



  • Celebrate my health and gym it out – no fixture of numbers per week as this may vary
  • Light scented candles-besides vanilla, I’m enjoying woody or spicy aromas
  • Sit in one of several meditative yoga positions and just ‘focus and quieten’
  • Enthral in the challenge and accomplishment of hot yoga
  • Enjoy catching up on newspapers or Huff post and see this as purposeful rather than mindless
  • Spend time being feminine and womanly – and yes it’s ok to be a princess



  • Accept with grace when help is offered to me rather than always doing things for myself and deeming it independence
  • Read a book and decide if it’s good or not
  • Meet up with a friend or reconnect on some level
  • Try cooking several new and different meals that share these with people I love or care for (and whom I don’t mind trying the Heimlich Manoeuvre on!)




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