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bend with the wind.jpg

apologies and sorries

are only meaningful when felt and expressed

with heartfelt regret and remorse


they can be a watershed for change

the bridge for ‘hello again’

the opportunity to move on

and a place to draw the line.


they need not be laboured and adorned

with overtures of grandeur

but in their simplicity,

they speak of truth.


they need not be accompanied with a penance

if in their essence they carry disappointment of self

because what is disappointment – if not the greatest price one pays…

penance of the soul speaking from one to another

seeking atonement and forgiveness.


yes, apologies and sorries

are all about the honour of forgiveness

the strength of character to say ‘thank you’

knowing that deep down, this will never be forgotten

simply because they have forgiven.

is this not a case of a dominant and an errant submissive

an argument for yin and yang

and a dance of life?


to err and be forgiven

to say sorry and mean it

and in this moment,

be absolved without being tethered by history and need for atonemnt.