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IMG_8825The sun rises and my soul stirs awake

My body responding in synchronicity to the sounds of birds

It hums and stretches and I feel my muscles lengthen

My spine elongating

As I reach up above me for the sky

Hearing little muffles leaving my mouth as I greet the world hello…


Getting up I kneel in homage to the day ahead

Knowing that in my near naked self

I am open to the moment

To the feelings that wash through me

And I feel my nipples tighten

My belly stirs

And I feel heat flood my skin

Making me swollen with memories of your lips on mine

And I arch like a cat, shooting that feeling along my body

To my mouth

And I gasp.

My body trembles with mild spasm

My breasts full and hanging

As I drop on one knee

Throwing my head back and exhale

And allow the feeling to continue its course

As you watch me, vulnerable and exposed to you.
I open my eyes

And see you watching me

And I feel like a queen before you

Shy but proud

Vulnerable and strong

And stretching your hand

I accept, touching you, allowing you to guide me home to you.

Allow me I ask, perchance to sleep so that I may awaken like this again.