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It’s been so long
And my mind and body
Have felt as if they belonged
To another
A world surreal and
devoid of any rational thought
Bar that repetitive daily banal action that we all go through every day.

I stand at the gate
Looking in
Wanting admission but having forgotten the password
And so I stand
Waiting patiently whilst my mind seeks the key.

How long do I stand?
How long do I wait?
How long do I give myself
Or any other to see me or hear my call?
But beyond the gate is the power of silence
The power of focus
The power of doing what feeds the soul
There are no ears to hear
Nor words to speak
For it is all a dance
A sequence and pattern of movements
And once I remember my password
I shall be given access to nirvana

… And then…
I shall choose to use my body to dance
My voice to cry out and laugh
And my eyes and ears to watch and listen
I shall feel freedom for I’ll have embraced it all on every level.

‘Open sesame’.
It was that simple.