ffe41c865e82d6d533d7960f5d148f28 Some people say that to believe in fate is not to have any control over significant decisions or choices. I say, the choices we make that bring us closer to what we need or desire, are part of our fate; our destiny. I may not always make the best or right choices but they are always filled with outcomes I may or may not like. Sometimes I can be forgetful about things learned when something has gone well and all to quick to self-flagalate over instances when things have not gone ‘completely’ according to plan – but still those are part of my journey. My fate lies in my own hands, the pathways I choose which ultimately, are already laid out as many routes I may or not, follow. The lessons are still there in equal measure to learn – and so I control my fate by drawing opportunities to me, seeking them out and at each point, learning to be thankful for my lessons, for each time I grow stronger in my resilience and ultimately in my endeavour to inspire others.